My name is Pat Harland and I am a Thrive Consultant Trainer and  Consultant Practitioner of the Thrive Programme (incorporating Changing Limiting Beliefs).   As a part of the Thrive Programme I also practice Applied Positive Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Processing and Integration.

In 2003 originally trained with the Hypnotherapy Control Board and the International Association of Hypnoanalysts  which has more recently become The International Association for Evidence Based Psychotherapy (Formerly the IAPH) and by 2005 gained an advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

Some years ago I qualified for licenses to practice the  Hypno-Band system (the virtual gastric band system for weight loss) and Hypnotension (the programme designed to aid with blood pressure issues) .

Having been in practice since 2004 I also present seminars on treating Children’s Problems to teach other therapists how to be with children in their own practices. Presenting training courses and doing talks for groups, charities and organisations is something I love to do and in addition working with Companies and Corporate bodies with regard to stress/anxiety/pressure in the workplace and the loss of man hours in relation to the symptoms and problems which ensue from that.

The Thrive organisation was set up by Rob Kelly in 2009, drawing upon the experience and expertise of his 25 years in practice as a Therapist together with a very solid research foundation which underpins the creation of Thrive

I am dedicated to the professional and ethical use of The Thrive Programme and Applied Positive Hypnosis for Health.  This also means that I abide by the Licencee requirements and Code of Practice and Ethics of the highest standard as laid down by the Thrive organsiation.

The Thrive Programme Consultants have undergone an extensive course of training and have satisfied their examination board of their competence in the field of Psychotherapy, Delivering the Thrive Programme client training, Cognitive Processing & Integration Therapy (CPI) and the application of post hypnotic suggestion in the form of Applied Positive Hypnotherapy.

Problems Helped at Hypnotherapy Liverpool,Wirral  and ChesterPad 2013 web photo White

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy have been helping people to deal with a wide range of different problems for at least 100 years and they are a safe and practical alternative or complimentary to, medicine based solutions.

Millions of people worldwide have used Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, overcome Fears & Phobias (such as the Fear of Flying or the fear of being sick – emetophobia), help the pain of Irritable Bowel, overcome low self confidence, learned to manage Stress & Anxiety and much, much more….

Learn more more about the types of problems helped with Hypnotherapy that I practice here in Chester & Liverpool also covering Wirral.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Liverpool and Chester covering Wirral

If you want to stop smoking and have tried & failed on numerous occasions, then you should definitely try our “Thrive as a Non Smoker” programme.

Scientific research carried out by New Scientist has shown that quitting smoking with hypnosis is the most effective way to quit cigarettes permanently and self hypnosis training can be incorporated into the Thrive as a Non Smoker Programme if needed.

Thrive is specialised Smoking Cessation programme combines learning about why you smoke, the habits and belief systems which keep you smoking along with powerful Clinical Self Hypnosis to help you make fundamental changes to your “beliefs” about Smoking and Nicotine addiction and to then develop the mind-set of a “non-smoker”.

Learn more about my Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session……

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Chester, Liverpool and covering Wirral – The Hypno-Band

I am a Licensed Practitioner of the Virtual Gastric Band system called Hypno-band. This method of weight loss is extremely effective, it works so well because it is a function of your subconscious mind to believe that you have been through the actual operation but of course you do not expose yourself to the risks that the actual operation entails, eg infection, recovery time and not to mention the expense.

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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Anxiety & Panic disorders are becoming more prevalent, due in part to the enormous pressures felt by people to “succeed” or “perform” according to society’s expectations. I estimate that 95% of clients consulting me have at least some form of Anxiety problem.

Generalised Anxiety Disorders (GAD’s) can vary from “mild” to “totally pervasive” and as such can either be an inconvenience or a life-limiting condition.

To find out more about Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy for Anxiety related problems read my page HERE

Fears & Phobias

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy could help you to overcome your particular Fear or Phobia. In recent years Rob Kelly and our Thrive Organisation have developed a highly effective technique to deal with the widely spread problem of Emetophobia the Fear of Being Sick – and research suggests that this problem respond incredibly well to a specially adapted version of the Thrive Programme.

Hypnosis also has a very good reputation for dealing with more “minor” phobias such as the Fear of Flying with many Airlines offering Hypnotherapy to their customers!

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